SuKarne Initiates Largest Beef Production and Processing Complex in Mexico

SuKarne Initiates Largest Beef Production and Processing Complex in Mexico

Thu, 2012-02-23

SuKarne, a subsidiary of Grupo Viz, plans to invest $110 million to establish the largest beef production and processing complex in Durango, Mexico, as a part of its plan to strengthen its presence in the country.

The project will be carried out in two phases, with the first phase involving the setting up of a meat processing plant with an investment of $40m followed by a feed yard for 70,000 head of cattle in second phase, which will double the company's existing capacity.

According to the company, the plant will feature cutting edge technology and will adhere to the international sanitary standards.

For the project, the company has entered into a partnership with regional producers, who will jointly invest about $300 million.

The group's main shareholder and chairman of the board Jesus Vizcarra Calderon said that agricultural sector can become an even more important driver of the national economy.

"With this project we are taking a step towards bringing together cattlemen, agricultural suppliers, government and SuKarne in this effort, so that together we can transform this region into the Animal Protein Capital of our country," Calderon added.

The complex is expected to create about 1,200 jobs and 6,000 indirect jobs, in addition to the 680 jobs required for the construction.

SuKarne, based in Culiacan, Mexico, supplies meat, beef and poultry products throughout Mexico and its products are exported to Japan, the US, Russia and Hong Kong, among others.

In May 2011, the company announced its plan to invest $100 million over a period of 18 months to build a livestock factory in Nicaragua, which will feature ten feed storage centers for direct feeding of livestock, a permanent inventory of 50,000 head of cattle, a slaughterhouse and deboning unit.