Sergio “Checo” Perez is Impressive in Second Place Finish at Malaysian Grand Prix

Sergio “Checo” Perez is Impressive in Second Place Finish at Malaysian Grand Prix

Mon, 2012-03-26

Fernando Alonso might have won the Malaysian Grand Prix, but the day belonged to Sergio "Checo" Perez who finished in second place. The Malaysian race was exciting to watch, as the 22-year-old Mexican gave his fans a nail biting performance. Brad Spurgeon of the New York Times wrote, “It had so many different levels of interest, that game of cat and mouse as Perez tried, successfully, to catch up to Alonso before slipping off the track in an error just moments after his team engineer told him to be careful because they really needed the position.”

Aside from the outstanding finish, rumors swirled around Perez and his possible move to the Ferrari team. Sergio Perez says he will remain with Sauber this year despite speculation linking him with a move to Ferrari. Perez, a member of Ferrari's driver academy, said: "Obviously it's only rumors but no, I will stay with Sauber for the whole season."

Many in the F1 community are saying this finish could be a defining moment in the Formula One career of Sergio Perez. "He was a revelation." McLaren team boss Martin Whitmarsh said of Perez, who became the first Mexican on the F1 podium for 41 years. 

While speculation will continue to build concerning Checo’s future team, this performance has definitely announced his arrival as a real talent in the sport. Perez has not been on the podium since 2010, but with the win in Malaysia, expect to the young Mexican to carry momentum into his next competition.  Fans can get another chance to see Perez race, as the third grand prix of the 20-race season takes place in China on April 15.