A Photojournalist Chronicles the Hidden Treasures of Chiapas State

Any photographers ideal destination of Chiapas State

A Photojournalist Chronicles the Hidden Treasures of Chiapas State

Fri, 2012-07-20

Chiapas state, one of Mexico’s most beautiful and photographic destinations, is also one of the country’s best-kept secrets. Travel photographer Michele Westmorland recently toured Chiapas state to document some of its hidden treasures.

The southernmost state in Mexico, Chiapas is known for its tropical climate and lush vegetation, historic architecture and rich cultural sites.

Michele started chronicling her trip in the tiny village of Tapijulapa, which is recognized for its charming and historic architecture. She then moved on to Palenque, a Mayan archeological site.

Another spot not to be missed in Chiapas state is the lush Lacandon Jungle. If you’re a nature buff, you’ll enjoy hiking through the jungle – with waterfalls, local animals and birds, and gorgeous landscapes – it offers a scenic look at Mexico that will leave even the most seasoned traveler breathless.

The last stop of the photo excursion was San Cristobal. The city is known for its strong Spanish influence, which is still noticeable throughout town. San Cristobal is a prime spot to find a variety of vibrant colors and interesting architecture, fresh cuisine and rich cultural pride.

From its cities to the sweeping scenic views, Chiapas state has something to offer every tourist, and maintains a much more relaxed feel than some of the more touristy destinations within Mexico.

“We ate incredible local cuisine and strolled the town meeting many new friends,” Michele said about her time in Chiapas state. “However, the best part of my short time there was to discover a magical, fascinating and very photogenic place just a short hop away in Mexico. Chiapas State begs to be photographed.”