Inspirational Sailor Galia Moss Speaks to about her Sailing Journey Across the Atlantic Ocean

Inspirational Sailor Galia Moss Speaks to about her Sailing Journey Across the Atlantic Ocean

Mon, 2012-06-04

Galia Moss, an inspirational Mexican sailor and social activist, recently spoke with about her many journeys around the world and the lessons she’s learned along the way. Moss was born in Mexico City and in her youth she had aspirations of becoming a musician. In fact, Moss even holds a music composition degree from the Boston Conservatory. However, her passion quickly transitioned into the realm of sports, as she began practicing gymnastics and later sailing.

In our conversation with Moss, she described the perils and beauties of being solo on the high seas. Moss traveled nine thousands miles, from Spain to Mexico, in 41 days entirely by herself. All the while she established herself as the first female Mexican and Latin American sailor to travel across the Atlantic Ocean alone. Moss documented her journey through writing in journals, blogging, taking photographs and videos, and reveling in the sounds, smells, and allures of the wind and waves around her.

During her travels, Moss’ perception of the world heightened in the most intriguing way. She began to see the world and herself in a different light. On her voyage, she felt entirely part of the intricateness of the universe and everything around her. Galia Moss outlined the intense focus and dedication needed to embark on this type of life-changing journey. Moss contains an ambition, strength, and enthusiasm for not only the sport of sailing, but for international adventure and culture in general. She’s also dedicated to doing her part in making the world a better place. Moss has organized several social advocacy campaigns to build houses in Mexico and to distribute nutritional packages to children in low income homes. For every eight miles she sailed, 684 homes were donated by various sponsors to individuals in Mexico.

The next phase of Moss’ sailing journey is in the works now with the construction of a new sailboat in France. More details will be released later in the summer on her upcoming audacious endeavor.

Moss has always been infatuated with the vast richness and diversity of Mexican culture. She hopes that her story will help inspire young people of all backgrounds to follow their dreams, because the world is full of limitless possibilities, if only they believe.