Honeywell Recruits Top Mexican Engineering Graduates for Innovations in General Engineering across Aerospace Sector

Honeywell Recruits Top Mexican Engineering Graduates for Innovations in General Engineering across Aerospace Sector

Thu, 2011-09-22

Honeywell has a history in general engineering. Not only does the American company have 122,000 employees worldwide, but it also has been giving back to the general engineering community since 2008. GE organizes university programs in which science and math initiatives are promoted to engineering graduates in the cities of Monterrey, Chihuahua and Mexicali. 

The fact is, with over 19,000 engineers worldwide working to respond to global trends in safety and energy efficiency, Honeywell knows good engineering. As soon as it discovered Mexico’s amazing human capital in the engineering and aerospace sector, Honeywell started to invest exponentially, hiring engineering graduates and professionals with an advanced level of engineering experience. 

Right now, thanks to large investments from international companies like Honeywell, Mexico’s aerospace sector is now the sixth largest worldwide.

Honeywell has invested in Mexico for years now, due to strategic reasons such as its proximity to the U.S. and South America that facilitates product transportation and because it has a steady supply of skilled labor. With 90,000 engineering graduates obtaining degrees from reputable universities like the Tech de Monterrey, the National Polytechnic Institute and research centers funded by the National Science and Technology Council (CONACYT) each year, it’s no surprise that Mexico is a hub for innovative design, engineering and production. Alfredo Cárdenas Roldán, the director of the prestigious Mexicali Research & Technology Center, says, “You find cosmopolitan people educated at good schools and who like aerospace engineering. The company realized there’s a lot of talent in Mexico in the field of engineering. That’s why the design groups have grown so much. We’re asserting ourselves in the design of the products Mexico makes. 

We’re starting with simple products but the long term goal is for all manufactured goods in Mexico to also be designed here; to do away with all the coming and going whereby products are designed and approved in the U.S. and then manufactured in Mexico. The idea is to position Mexico as a leader in the technology that develops the products designed here,” says Cárdenas.

In regard to Mexico’s world-class status as a center for general engineering as well as aerospace engineering, Cárdenas also states, “Mexico has an enormous advantage in its manufacturing costs which are extremely competitive, sometimes lower even than in Asian markets. Mexico also has great potential on the operating side of things. But it’s the engineering aspect that’s really taking off. Thanks to Honeywell, other companies in Mexicali are bringing in engineering teams for their own projects.”